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A child with "high cognitive potential" is a child with intellectual development well above average compared to its peers, whilst as the emotional, relational and psychomotor development generally correspond to the standards of his age. The intelligence quotient (IQ), measured by a psychologist through a standardized test, results above the value of 130 (the average of the population is located around a value of 100).From the qualitative point of view, it appears like divergent thinking: creative connections between information and another are only apparently disconnected. In addition to high performance in intellectual tests, gifted children have certain characteristics.


The GATE Italy (Gifted and Talented Education) Scientific Association is a registered, non-profit volunteer organization, committed to supporting gifted children. GATE Italy promotes high-quality GATE Programs which meet the emotional and educational needs of high-achieving and talented learners.

The purposes of GATE ITALY are:

Promote innovation and excellence in the development and use of new models of intervention in education, social and work fields with methodologies and scientific approaches that are able to effectively orient the new generations, promoting their talents inside the Country System;

Favour in the field of strategic framework of value of human capital, skills and excellence directed towards the academic research and business world, facilitating the integration of young talent in the research and world of work, opening bridges of knowledge with international researchers;

Export the model “Education to Talent” at national level by creating synergies between regions, providing more opportunities for development and professional growth of teachers and talented young people;

Promote degree courses in universities, teaching modules or courses that treat issues of gifted children and gifted teaching, addressed to future roles related to the clinical and/or educational fields;

Activate specialized training with 1st and 2nd level master degrees for the roles of “Teacher Specialist in Gifted Teaching” and “Gifted Specialist in Education” that support the management of the talent resources in an educational and social perspective;

Develop new systems to update teachers through workshops, seminars, including the use of the platform F.A.D and new technologies;

Develop research on students with special educational needs and in particular on gifted children connected with education, orientation and new technologies;

Promote the welfare and protection of children with special educational needs and gifted children in all stages of their growth.

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