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Gifted And Talented Education (GATE)- Italy is a scientific association that brings together the leading national experts on the issue of giftedness with a multi-professional team able to respond to the emerging needs of the gifted children and their families.

The founding members are: prof. Pier Antonio Battistella, neuropsychiatric, director of ULSS 16 of Padova and University Professor; prof. Daniela Lucangeli, psychologist, Professor of Developmental Psychology and Vice Rector of the University of Padova; prof. Angelo Ferro, President of the Associazione Opera Immacolata Concezione (OIC); Martina Pedron, psychologist, psychotherapist and fellow of the project “Gifted Teaching” at the Department of Developmental Psychology of the University of Padova, Martina Brazzolotto, teacher, tutor in the project Education to Talent and specialized in Gifted Education; Isabella Morabito, sociologist, entrepreneur and president of the Parents Association Education to Talent (AGET); Guido Masnata, TalentLab Manager - Padova; Stefania Magagnin, director of the Association Opera Immacolata Concezione (OIC).

Pier Antonio Battistella

President of the Association Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) – Italy

Director of SC Infanzia Adolescenza e Famiglia –Azienda ULSS 16,Padova

Professor of Child Neuropsychiatry -University of Padova

Daniela Lucangeli

Vice-President of the Association Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) – Italy

Professor of Developmental Psychology and Education, University of Padova

Vice-rector for orientation activities and mentoring relationships with the educational institutions - University of Padova

Isabella Morabito

Director of the Association Gifted and Talented Education (GATE-Italy), Director of the Talentgate Research Center. Sociologist and Project Manager, she carries out her activity for public entities, universities and privates, in particular managing complex projects in the social research field, of didactics, and training for businesses. Founder of the Association GATE and of the Association Genitori Education to Talent (Parents Association).

Gianna Miola

She has held the position of Vice Direttore Generale e Coordinatore dell’Ufficio per la Comunicazione esterna dell’Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Veneto – Affari generali – Personale e servizi della Direzione generale – Gestione dei dirigenti scolastici – Affari legali, contenzioso e disciplinare.

Angelo Ferro

Angelo Ferro, 77 years old, from an early age was interested in socio-economic issues, with particular reference in the longevity field, giving life together with Don Antonio Varotto and Nella Maria Berto to the Fondazione Opera Immacolata Concezione onlusin Padua in 1955. In time it became one of the most relevant European non-profit organizations with over 1,500 employees of 29 different nationalities.

Thanks to his parallel academic career (he has been for over 30 years professor of Politica Economica Internazionale and ofEconomia Internazionale alla Facoltà di Economia dell’Università di Verona) and business career (owner of a group of world market leader in the food sector, and a member of several administration councils of listed companies, particularly in publishing and banking). Throughout the years he developed specific sensitivity and experience in the introduction of methodologies and business approaches in non-profit fields, in a research of a sustainable compromise between social community needs and eceonomic criteria.

Synthesis of particular meaning and substance of this journey is the experience of the Centro Civitas Vitae of Padua, an area of about 12 hectares where today live together, harmoniously according to the logic of close intergenerational ties, residential, healthcare, educational, social welfare, games, sports, job placements structures.

Massimo Ronchese

Clinical Psychologist. Exercises the clinical activity at full-time at the Struttura Complessa Infanzia Adolescenza e Famiglia dell’ULSS 16 Padua. Areas of intervention: Servizio di Neuroriabilitazione dell’Età Evolutiva, Centro Regionale per l’ ADHD, Servizio Semiresidenziale e Ambulatorio per Disturbi dello Sviluppo (autismo); Referent for the Servizio di Neuropsicologia dell’Età Evolutiva. Since 2012 he is the referent for the Servizio per il Progetto Education to Talent. Already Honorary Judge at the Corte d’Appello di Venezia – Sezione Minori. International University Master in “Diritti e Tutela dei Minori” and two post graduate improvement studies. Specialized in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Adjunct Professor at the University of Padua since 2002 is the author of 50 scientific publications in the psychology field. Scientific Affiliations: AIAMC (Ass. Italiana Analisi e Modificazione del Comportamento e Terapia Cognitivo Comportamentale), Associazione Antonio Condini per la Formazione e la Ricerca in Psicopatologia dell’Età Evolutiva (membro del comitato scientifico), Associazione Gate Italy (responsabile comitato tecnico).

Alessandro Antonietti

Graduated in Philosophy atthe Università Cattolica di Milano, specialized in Psychology atl’Università degli Studi di Milano, he achieved his Ph.D. of research in Psicologia dei processi cognitivi e psicolinguistica. He is professore ordinario di Psicologia generale nella Facoltà di Psicologia dell’Università Cattolica di Milano. In addition in carrying out educational activities in the field of general psychology and research methodology, he has been a teacher in various specialization and master courses, also holding courses and seminars on the themes of cognitive psychology, psychology of learning and education. Directs the improvement course of Assessment and cognitive training, Equipment and strategies to evaluate and enhance the thinking processes. Is Adjunct Professor of the Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University (Brisbane). Directorof the Dipartimento di Psicologia from 2007. Responsible of the Servizio di Psicologia dell’Apprendimento e dell’Educazione in Età Evolutiva (SPAEE) and coordinator of theLaboratorio di Psicologia Cognitiva dell’Università Cattolica.

Paola Drigo

Pediatrician, neurologist, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, was responsible for almost 40 years of childhood neurological and mental illness, in particular disability, and the impact on the latter on the families and on the siblings of the disabled. From 20 years she is dealing with Bioethics, having contributed in founding the I Comitato Etico Padovano (Comitato Etico Pediatrico- 1993) where she has been the President for 15 years. With this committee, now at regional value, she organized Conferences, Master courses, and produced publications and books. Recently named Presidente del Comitato Etico di Gate Italy.

Martina Pedron

Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She achieved the 2nd level Master’s Degreein Psicopatologia dell’Apprendimento at theUniversità degli Studi di Padova.Teacher ofthe Master in Psicopatologia dell’apprendimento and the Master in Didattica e psicopedagogia dei disturbi dell’apprendimento (Università degli studi di Padova). She carried out coordination and teaching activities within the two years of the project funded by the Regione Veneto “Education To Talent” (DGR 1192/2012 – DGR 1146/2013). From the month of April 2014, she is holder of ESF research grants for the project “Gifted teaching: educare il potenziale umano come risorsa” (Gifted teaching: educate the human potential as a resource) at the Dipartimento di Psicologia dello Sviluppo e della Socializzazione (Università di Padova).Author of national and international publications.

Anna Maria Re

Anna Maria Re, PhD, psychologist expert in Learning Disorders, conducts research at the University of Padua on topics related to developmental age in particular focused on Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity and Learning Disorders.

Salvatore Borelli

Graduated in Theology at the Facoltà Teologica del Triveneto, he's been human resources general manager for the family business and the St. Anthony's Basilica in Padova and educator at the Minor Seminary. He is currently professor of Religion and member both of the Ethic and the School Committee at GATE-Italy.

Antonio Girardi

DirectorFondazione Centro Produttività Veneto

Component of theConsulta per il Territorio dell’Università di Padova

Member of the Administration Council and of the Executive Committee of the Fondazione Studi Universitari di Vicenza

Sabrina Bonichini

Associate Professor of Developmental Physchology, she teaches Strumenti di valutazione dello sviluppo (development assessment tools) and Psicologia della saluta del bambino (Child Health Psychology) at the Psychology School, University of Padova. She has been member of the Comitato Etico Area 17 of the University of Padua and is part of the Ethic Committee of GATE-Italy.

Eleonora Faleri

Paolo Curatolo

Membro del Comitato Scientifico di G.A.T.E.-Italy.

Il professor Paolo Curatolo è il Direttore dell’Unità Operativa Complessa di Neuropsichaitria Infantile, Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, ed è Professore Ordinario di Neuropsichiatria Infantile presso l’Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata. Le sue principali aree di ricerca riguardano la Sclerosi Tuberosa, i disturbi dello spettro autistico, l’ADHD, l’epilessia, i disturbi del neurosviluppo. Ha pubblicato più di 300 articoli su riviste internazionali di neurologia pediatrica, e 60 lavori sulla Sclerosi Tuberosa. Fa parte di numerosi Board editoriali, inclusi il Journal of Child Neurology (editore associato), European Journal of Pediatric Neurology, Brain & Development, e Pediatric Neurology. È stato presidente dell’ICNA (International Child Neurology Association) dal 2002 al 2006, e membro del Board esecutivo dell’European Pediatric Neurology Society.

Tale ruolo è svolto a titolo gratuito

Caterina Cangià

Membro del Comitato Scientifico di G.A.T.E.-Italy.

Di educazione multilingue e multiculturale, ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Pedagogia dei media presso l’Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma. Dal 1992 svolge attività di didattica universitaria e di ricerca nel campo delle nuove tecnologie applicate all’insegnamento/apprendimento in generale e alla didattica delle lingue. Ha fondato e dirige “La Bottega d’Europa”, scuola di teatro in lingua inglese. Ha al suo attivo numerose pubblicazioni interattive multimediali tra le quali “European Party”, premiata con il Gold Award al MILIA di Cannes.

Tale ruolo è svolto a titolo gratuito

Guido de Renoche

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Università degli studi di Padova; he is specialized in child neuropsychiatry at the same university (Dir. Prof. Antonio Condini). He carries out his activity as child neuropsychiatrist since 2002 at the Unità Operativa Complessa di Neuropsichiatria dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza dell’Ulss 16 of Padua (dir. Prof. P. A. Battistella) as medical director of 1st level, dealing with neuropsychiatry of the developing age and in specific, as head of the Centro Regionale of Padua, in the attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and related issues.

Michele Guidi

Psicologo e psicoterapeuta. Si è specializzato in Psicologia del Ciclo di Vita.

Svolge attività come libero professionista nell’ambito della psicopatologia dello sviluppo. Si occupa in particolare di valutazioni psicodiagnostiche, trattamenti riabilitativi, psicoterapia con bambini e adolescenti.

Esperto nell’ambito dell’Autismo ad alto funzionamento ha coordinato dei progetti e percorsi di potenziamento per minori con Asperger.

Annarita Di Palma

Psicologa, specializzata nella valutazione e potenziamento dei Disturbi Specifici dell’Apprendimento.

Ha conseguito il master in Psicopatologia dell’apprendimento. È referente e responsabile di Puntoscuola, potenziamento degli apprendimenti - Formazione e Ricercazione, centro per la valutazione e potenziamento dei DSA e BES di Monselice (PD). Tutor del master di II livello “Didattica e psicopedagogia dei DSA e BES” dell’Università degli Studi di Padova, direttore prof.ssa Daniela Lucangeli. Svolge attività di sostegno psicologico e scolastico per minori e counseling famigliare.

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